Matsu no Kitsu Raidon

Raidon, Ikoma Teishin (IR 1; Insight 134)


Rings/Traits: Air 3 (Awareness 3, Reflexes 3), Earth 2 (Stamina 2, Willpower 2), Fire 3 (Agility 3, Intelligence 4), Water 2 (Perception 2, Strength 2), Void 2

Skills: Athletics 2, Battle (Skirmish) 4, Etiquette 3, Iaijutsu 2, Kenjutsu 3, Lore: Folktales (Kitsu Lands) 3, Oratory (Bragging, Poetry, Storytelling) 4, Performance (Song) 3

Qualities: Precise Memory (phenomenal ability to memorize facts, figures, and written material), Scholar (+1k1 bonus to all Lore Skill Rolls)

Glory: 1; Honor: 2; Initiative: 2k2; TN to Be Hit: 15 (no armor), 20 (Light Armor)

Discipline Ranks: Ikoma Teishin 1 (use Battle in place of Politics, add Glory to all Contested Social Rolls)

Wounds: 4 (-0k0); 8 (-1k0); 12 (-2k0); 16 (-3k0); 20 (-4k0); 24 (-5k0); 28 (Down); 32 (Out); 36 (Dead)

Outfit: Fine Quality katana, wakizashi, tanto, Fine Quality ashigaru armor (Light Armor), 2 kimono, traveling pack (book of traditional Kitsu tales, bottle of plum wine, bottle of water, bowl, chopsticks, coin purse, folding fan, ink and quills, 10 sheets of paper), 4 koku


From a very young age, it was obvious that Raidon did not inherit his family’s talent for communing with the kami and the spirits of the ancestors. This did not disappoint him at all, for he always felt he could better honour his ancestors by different means: telling their stories and singing their praise. His family recognized that with his beautiful voice and gifted memory his calling lay elsewhere, and he was sent to learn from the Ikoma.
Raidon has a fondness for peasant tales and songs, particularly those about magical happenings: dragons living in palaces under the seas, cranes and foxes turning into maidens, brave samurai and peasants climbing to the stars to meet with lovely princesses.

Matsu no Kitsu Raidon

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