Jundo Tanren


Gakusho of Sakura Seido (IR 1; Insight 141)

Rings/Traits: Void 3, Wind 2 (Awareness/Reflexes 2), Earth 2 (Willpower/Stamina 2), Fire 3 (Intelligence/Agility 3), Water 3 (Perception/Strength 3)

Skills: Hunting (Trailblazing) 2, Investigation (Ichi-miru) 4, Kaze-do 3, Kenjutsu 2, Kobo Ichikai (Break the Bones) 3, Medicine 2, Renkinjutsu 2, Shadowlands Lore (The Lost) 5

Qualities: Clear Thinker (-2k0 penalty to others attempting to confuse, befuddle or lie), Gaijin Tongue: Bakemono (language, threat of death/dishonor/etc.), Gaijin Tongue: Zokujin (language, threat of death/dishonor/etc.), Hands of Stone (damage rating 0k2 in hand-to-hand combat), Fascination: Shadowlands (will do anything to learn about Shadowlands), Haunted (irate ancestor, requires 2 Raises for no effect when afflicted), Scarred (-0k1 on all Social rolls, -0k2 on Sincerity [Seduction] rolls)

Glory: 2; Honor: 1; Initiative: 3k3; TN to be Hit: 10 (no armor)

Discipline Ranks: 1 (Tsukai-sagasu Gakusho: To See the Darkness [Spend Void, identify nearby Taint])

Weapons: Katana (U/2k2), no-dachi (R/3k2)

Equipment: Kimono, jade amulet, 1 koku, traveling pack (shakuhachi flute, bottle of water, medicine kit, rations, blanket, rope, parchment + charcoal, flint + tinder, fishing net, chopsticks)

Wounds: 4 (-0k0); 8 (-1k0); 12 (-2k0); 16 (-3k0); 20 (-4k0); 24 (-5k0); 28 (Down); 32 (Out); 36 (Dead)


Tanren is a seasoned monk of decent standing, around mid-20s. He has dark, purplish-black scarring down the left side of his body. What can be seen starts midcheek, comes over the shoulder onto the chest and wraps around his lower leg and foot.

He ignores the stares and whispers with practiced ease, but visibly steels himself as they start.

He has a habit of murmuring very quietly under his breath, and will end it with a holy word and a gentle smile if anyone takes interest in the practice. He also has a habit of wandering off, as though he has the attention span of a child. He is bashful afterward, but never fully apologetic.

Jundo Tanren

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