Hachigoku: Honor & Thunder Reborn

Hachigoku banner

In a time-shrouded Era, the children of Lady Sun and Lord Moon fell from the Celestial Heavens. The people of Hachogoku gathered to them, the Eight Kami, and the First Hantei claimed dominion over all under the Heavens.

A thousand years ago, the Dark God, the Ninth Child, Fu Leng, who fell far from his siblings into the grip of darkness, madness, and revenge, roared out of the blighted Shadowlands in the War of Darkness.

Seven virtuous mortals, led by the mysterious wise man Shinsei, vanquished Fu Leng in his stronghold. But none lived to enjoy the victory. Their souls slumber in the Heavens, until they are once again needed to repel the darkness.

Seven centuries ago, the last of the Great Kami left Hachigoku. Hantei Genji, the Shining Prince and Emperor of Hachigoku, stepped down from the throne to search for his lost family, leaving a last command:

“Hold to the laws I gave to you, that the Eight Kingdoms (Hachigoku), this Empire, may not perish in the Celestial Order. The Hantei shall return and take his place under the Sun and Moon once again.”

Hachigoku, through wars, rebellions, famines, invasions, inventions, and awakenings, yet waits for the Emperor’s return.

And in the dawn of the Keio Nengo, the Era of Jubilant Answer, in the month of Lady Sun, a new generation of samurai step forward into legend. Darkness and Honor alike begin shaking off centuries of sleep, awaiting a new rebirth.


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