Toku, Sword of Yotsu Ronin (IR 1; Insight 143)

Earth: 2, Fire: 2,_ Water:_ 3, Wind: 3, Void: 3

Skills: Athletics (Dodge) 3: 3k2+3 (3 in Battle), Battle (Strategy) 4: 4k3 (3 in Battle), Craft (Farming) 2: 2k2, Kenjutsu 3: 3k2 (3 in Battle) (Katana Damage: 4k2) (Wakizashi Damage: 3k2) Kyujutsu 2: 2k3 (3 in Battle) (Yumi + Ya Damage: 3k2), Law (Imperial Law) 2: 2k3 (3 in Battle, +1k1 vs. non-samurai, -1k0 vs. samurai), Lore (History) 2: 2k2 (1k1 vs. non-samurai, -1k0 vs. samurai), Oratory (Poetry) 3: 3k3 (1k1 vs. non-samurai, -1k0 vs. samurai), Sincerity (Seduction) 3: 3k3 (1k1 vs. non-samurai, -1k0 vs. samurai)

Qualities: Bland (-2k0 to be recognized or noticed; -1 Glory in social situations), Blessing of Ebisu (+2k2 to all Honor rolls), Heimin (non-samurai; improving High Skills costs 2 Season Actions; -1k0 on Social rolls with samurai), Hero of the People (Hinotorigoku: free room and board, +1k1 on Social rolls with those below samurai status, +2 Glory with non-samurai)

Glory: 0 (+1 vs. non-samurai, -1 vs. samurai); Honor: 1; Initiative: 3k3 ; TN to be Hit: 15 (no armor), 20 (light armor)

Discipline Ranks: 1 [Gaze of Sun Tao (Bushi): + Water to rolls during a Battle]

Wounds: 4 (-0k0); 8 (-1k0); 12 (-2k0); 16 (-3k0); 20 (-4k0); 24 (-5k0); 28 (Down); 32 (Out); 36 (Dead)


Toku is a young, scruffy ronin. He wandered into Tsuma with a weathered copy of Akodo’s Leadership in his traveling pack, a go board with no stones, and a katana with no history. His sandals are hanging by a thread.

Yet there’s a look in his eyes full of hope for his prospects. And wonder at the pageantry around him.

And hidden under his kimono,close to his heart, a stack of letters held together with a blue ribbon. Somewhere in Tsuma is a young woman with a similar stack.


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