Moshibaru no Oshiro Toshihiko


Hida Bushi (IR 1; Insight 131)

Rings/Traits: Void 2, Wind 2 (Awareness/Reflexes 2), Earth 3 (Willpower 3/Stamina 4), Fire 3 (Intelligence/Agility 3), Water 2 (Perception/Strength 2)

Skills: Anatomy (Torture) 3, Athletics 2, Battle 2, Kenjutsu (Yadomejutsu) 3, Kyujutsu 2, Sincerity (Intimidation) 2, Subojutsu (Tetsubo) 6, Sumai 3

Qualities: Ambidextrous (use both hands without penalty), Blood of Osano-wo (unaffected by weather, -2k0 penalty to lightning/weather spells, +1 Glory [Hida/Yoritomo lands]), Crab Hands (bujutsu skills +1k0, dice explode regardless of being unskilled), Mosenshi (spend Void, for E rounds, add EkE to damage, reduce damage by E, immune to Fear [only actions: movement, full attack; after E rounds, considered Down for rest of scene]), Quick (add +1k0 to initiative rolls), Doubt: Sumai (must make 2 Raises to succeed at skill), Obtuse (High skills cost 2 season actions, 2 Raises = 1 in social situations, -1k0 to others attempting to taunt, ridicule or manipulate)

Glory: 1, Honor: 2, Initiative: 3k2, TN to be Hit: 10 (no armor), 20 (heavy armor)

Discipline Ranks: 1 (Hida Bushi: Way of the Crab [ignore heavy armor penalty on Bugei skills; add Earth to attack and damage rolls])

Weapons: Daisho (K:U/2k2, W:C/1k2), yumi bow (C/2k0), 10 ya arrows (C/1k2), 5 watakushi arrows (U/2k3), 5 armor piercer arrows (U/0k2), dai-tsuchi (U/2k3), ono (U/0k4), tetsubo (C/1k3)

Equipment: Heavy armor (TN +10, physical skills -1k0), kimono, 3 koku, traveling pack (ikko drum, bottle of plum wine, daisho stand, blanket, chopsticks, grappling hook, shovel, rope, rations, cooking pot)

Wounds: 6 (-0k0); 12 (-1k0); 18 (-2k0); 24 (-3k0); 30 (-4k0); 36 (-5k0); 42 (Down); 48 (Out); 54 (Dead)


The family wanted a son. They got me.

They say I battle as though the world is my playground. They say I beat my drum as though I am a toddler. They say I love as though the heart is a game of dice. They accuse me of being an idjit, they call me uncouth, they say I’m monstrous. Until the battles come. Then they sing praises, fight to put me between them and danger.

But despite all that, I was never enough of a son for Papa. And of course never enough of a daughter for Mama. But that’s alright. I am samurai enough for the ancestors. I feel them coursing through me in each and every battle. And they are content with this daughter.

Moshibaru no Oshiro Toshihiko

Hachigoku senritsu