Isawa no Shiba Shinnosuke

Shinnosuke, Isawa Shugenja (IR 1; Insight 130)


Rings/Traits: Air 3 (Awareness 3, Reflexes 3), Earth 2 (Stamina 2, Willpower 3), Fire 3 (Agility 3, Intelligence 3), Water 2 (Perception 2, Strength 2), Void 2

Skills: Calligraphy (Keigo) 2, Etiquette 3, Divination 2, Iaijutsu 3, Kenjutsu 3, Oratory 2, Politics 2, Renkinjutsu (Fire, Maho) 4, Theology (Fortunism) 3

Qualities: Balance (ignore any modifiers to Honor Rolls or Contested Awareness and Willpower Rolls; can Focus a number of times equal to Void Ring + Earth Ring), Innate Ability (Fires of Purity) (may cast Fires of Purity as a single Action with a Renkinjutsu/Fire Roll, TN 5), Sensei (Minor) (Isawa no Asako Tousen, Rank 3 Isawa Shugenja); Ascetic (Minor), Bad Reputation (Minor) (-1k0 penalty to all Social Rolls; other samurai gain a +1k0 bonus to recognition rolls), Home in Ashes (Minor)

Glory: 1; Honor: 3; Initiative: 2k2; TN to Be Hit: 15 (no armor)

Discipline Ranks: Isawa Shugenja 1 (Isawa’s Gift: when making prayer rolls or Renkinjutsu Skill Rolls, may spend as many Void Points as wished to gain bonus dice, and may add Discipline Rank to Void when determining maximum Raises)

Wounds: 4 (-0k0); 8 (-1k0); 12 (-2k0); 16 (-3k0); 20 (-4k0); 24 (-5k0); 28 (Down); 32 (Out); 36 (Dead)

Outfit: Wakizashi, katana, ofuda satchel (Reversal of Fortunes, Bind Shikigami, Katana of Void; Jade Strike; Extinguish), book describing basic kenjutsu forms (but not Okuden) of the Shiba Ryuu, 1 kimono, traveling pack (blanket, bottle of water, bowl, chopsticks, coin purse, finger of jade, straw hat).

Fires of Purity (Fire): The prayer’s target becomes wreathed in flames. Anyone attacking the target in melee suffers a -2k0 penalty to attack rolls, and on a successful hit (except when using weapons with long reach, such as spears or naginata), also suffers 2k2 Wounds. The target also gains a +1k1 bonus to melee damage rolls, whether unarmed or with a weapon.
Area: 0, Distance: 1, Duration: 1, Magnitude: 1


It is said that twins are two halves of one soul, that they share a bond noone else can understand. Sometimes, however, that bond is not one of love, but of hatred.
Shinnosuke’s story began when a Shiba samurai married a shugenja of the Isawa clan. Nine months later, she gave birth to twins who would one day choose the names Shinnosuke and Takashi. When tested for magical ability, to their father’s great disappointment, both were shown to have a strong affinity with the fire kami, strong enough to warrant their apprenticeship as shugenja.
Their childhood was normal enough. Both studied the ways of the kami in the Isawa Shuha and, whenever they were at home, learned the basics of swordsmanship under their father. However, while Shinnosuke was a calm and serious boy, Takashi was angry and unfocused; though he had a keen mind, he never paid enough attention to his lessons, feeling he would never progress as fast as he wanted as a shugenja if he only did what he was told. Their sensei frequently berated and punished Takashi for his lack of patience and humility. Seeing how Shinnosuke was well-regarded among the teachers, while all he received were scoldings, sparked in Takashi ever-greater feelings of jealousy and inadequacy, until he finally ran away and disappeared, only a few years away from their gempukku.
Shamed by his weakness, Shinnosuke’s parents disowned Takashi and forgot about him. That, however, was a grave mistake, as he came back years later, a few months before Shinnosuke’s gempukku. During the years he had been away, Takashi embraced forbidden teachings and progressed quickly as a maho-tsukai. Returning home unnoticed, he murdered his own parents and left a message in their blood for his brother; he wanted Shinnosuke to know the same feelings of failure Takashi once felt.
It worked, but not in the way Takashi expected. Instead of having his spirit crushed, Shinnosuke instead vowed to bring his brother, and all those like him, to justice. He would be like the fire of Sanbou Koujin-no-Kami, burning the wicked and bringing light and warmth for the innocent.
He still maintains a close relationship with his former sensei, Isawa no Asako Tousen, who offers him what aid and counsel he can. Tousen is one of the few allies Shinnosuke has, however, for he must bear the shame of having a maho-tsukai as a brother and an unfulfilled vendetta.

Isawa no Shiba Shinnosuke

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